Сережки Водоспад чорні

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These long, light and comfortable earrings have a blackened sterling silver base with an original heterogeneous texture. The gently flowing monofilament threads end in multi-level crystal pendants that attract the eye with their incredible shimmer. Due to the carefully calibrated length, they wonderfully elongate the neckline, making the look more sophisticated and attractive.


Black crystal beads, thanks to their cut, refract light in a special way, creating the effect of incredible radiance.

Dark threads beckoned.

The textured base of the earrings and the lock are made of 925 silver.

The lock has a silicone filling that ensures a secure fit.


The length of the product is 14.5 cm.

This unique product will serve you for a long time without losing its natural qualities, although you should follow simple recommendations:
avoid moisture;
store the product in a soft bag;
do not use abrasives, solvents, alcohol for cleaning;
wipe with a soft cloth.
Aesthetic and elegant soft packaging that emphasizes the beauty of our products, specially designed for easy storage and transportation of jewelry.