Браслет індиго зі сріблястою монілі

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This luxurious three-dimensional bracelet is created from shining strands of indigo crystal, the combination of crystals with silver monilie threads makes its structure more voluminous, heterogeneous and shiny. A double slider clasp makes it convenient to fasten and adjust the jewelry.


Blue (indigo) crystal beads, thanks to their cut, refract light in a special way, creating the effect of incredible radiance. Silver-colored beckoning threads. The clasp is a slider.


Bracelet circumference 19 cm.

This unique product will serve you for a long time without losing its natural qualities, although you should follow simple recommendations:
Avoid moisture.
Store the product in a soft bag.
Do not use abrasives, solvents, alcohol for cleaning.
Wipe with a soft cloth.
Aesthetic and elegant soft packaging, emphasizing the beauty of our products, is specially designed for easy storage and transportation of jewelry.