Намисто зі шкіряними шнурами та дерев'яними бусинами

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The perfect combination of sparkling crystals of a complex chocolate hue, dark monolithic threads and natural leather cords. Natural materials, shining elements of crystal and magical threads naturally intertwine ultra-modern textures and warming African notes, while textured wooden and brass beads add even more color to the jewelry. This luxurious thick necklace is incredibly harmonious with both silk evening outfits and everyday looks, adding charm and harmony to your look.

Brownish-graphite crystal beads, thanks to their cut, refract light in a special way, creating the effect of incredible radiance. The threads are alluringly black. Monil is a chain made of the smallest brass beads, laser-cut and with a special coating that enhances the shine and shimmer of the metal. Brass beads with a square cut. Natural leather cords and brown wooden beads. The convenient branded lock has a rhodium-plated finish that protects against scratches and abrasion.

Product length: 44 cm.

This unique product will serve you for a long time without losing its natural qualities, although you should follow simple recommendations:
Avoid moisture. Store the product in a soft bag.
Do not use abrasives, solvents, alcohol for cleaning.
Wipe with a soft cloth.

Aesthetic and elegant soft packaging that emphasizes the beauty of our products, specially designed for easy storage and transportation of jewelry.